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Re: tip - for KDE users.

S Beam wrote:
just a nice thing to know - Firefox uses GTK to draw its menu and toolbar, as of course do Gnome apps like Gimp and Gaim... This means when you use KDE Control Center to set your fonts to a nice pleasing just-right font, it has no effect on the toolbars and menus in the GTK apps. In my case they looked too big and goofy next to the pleasingly rigid uniformity of my KDE apps. Depending on your level of perfectionism this may drive you nuts. The solution (after many many dead ends) was to create a file ~/.gtkrc-2.0 as follows:

$ cat ~/.gtkrc-2.0
gtk-font-name="Sans 8"

thats it! Adjust the font to taste. No messing around with FF settings userChrome.css or xfontsel or anything else is needed.

$ yum install gtk-qt-engine
Gives you a nice KDE Control Center module for setting this (and GTK theme) as well.

Be warned that the "Qt" GTK theme is a bit buggy, so I'd recommend you avoid using that.

-- Rex

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