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RE: Triple boot

I have to have windows xp on this computer for tech support
the dummies cant give me tech support 
if it does not have windows on it.
i use mandriva 2006 because it will let my system go wireless
under linux but i want to run FC5 on It also,i am still trying to get
FC5 to work wireless .
i know that i have to put win on the first 
1 partition win
2 partition    what do i put here do i put mandriva here so it will be easer to repartition #2 in the future
after i get FC5 to go wireless and use that space for FC5 and windows
3 partition    do i put FC5 here to make this all work am just not sure
i have been reading all over the web with very mix results .
MAN if i can get FC5 TO GO WIRELESS i would get windows and mandriva
off of my system and say to hell with compaqs thay locked the bios so the mini card has to be a broadcom card thay sell {the a###s}.
 i am very confused over this.
Thanks Tim for your responce
and THANKS for any help i can get.

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