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Re: 2.6.16 crashes (FC4 errata and FC5 kernels) with hardware RAID i2o

BTruter wrote:
I can confirm this. I have been trying to track down why 2 of my servers,
> 1 Gentoo and 1 Fedora, have been locking up and crashing. This morning I
> finally witnessed a crash. The only thing these 2 servers have in common
> is an Adaptec 2100S raid card, and a 2.6.16 kernel version. Both crash
> under even relatively small loads.

If I boot either machine with a 2.6.15 kernel, the run fine.

That's exactly the situation, more and more people seem to be adding their names to my initial bugzilla.


I've also seen 3 duplicate bugs, so it's obviously being noticed slowly but surely.

I'd love to try and assist in a solution (testing or debugging) but for now my bug appears to have had very little impact.



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