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Re: Triple boot

jerryw4386 netscape net wrote:
Hi Lauri
I do have windows on a small partition
this i will do
#1 PAR =WIN 15gb
#2 PAR =FC5 40gb
#3 PAR=Mandriva 25gb
80gb hard drive
THANK for the help

Chainloading windows and Mandriva would probably work out for you.
Install the grub for Mandriva in its partition if possible. (Partition 3)

If you are yet to install Fedora, select the advanced boot options check
box during install. Add the Mandriva entry using the pull down menus.
windows should already be installed as chainloader. Install Fedora to
the MBR for your drive.


Don't believe everything you hear or anything you say.

Hi Jim I am in the proces of install FC5 now i am at the partition screen it says
  VoLGroup00                     32864
   LogVol01     swap              1024
   LogVOl00    /ext3             31840

I assume this is the Fedora installation on hda9 with hda8 being the /boot partition for Fedora. The LVM above is contained in hda9. I see that hda5 through hda7 are Mandriva partitions. I do not know how they select their partitioning.

Hard Drives
   /dev/hda1    ntfs             10174      1 1297
   /dev/hda2    extended         66143   1298 9729
   /dev/hda8   /boot ext3          102   1298 1310
   /dev/hda9   VolGroup00 LVM PV 32899   1311 5504
/dev/hda5 ext3 5993 5505 6268 /dev/hda6 swap 1098 6269 6408 /dev/hda7 ext3 26051 6409 9729 i have put Mandriva grub to /dev/hda5 ext3 is this boot for Msndriva it did not say ?#1

If your /home partition is hda7 (26 Gig) and the Mandriva installation is all contained in hda5,(almost 6 gig) it should be correct. Make sure that you run grub-install /dev/hda5 from within the Mandriva installations so there is a grub installed within hda5 for the Fedora grub loader to chainload. (give over to the other OS to whatever in contained in the specified partition.) What will happen post installation is that Mandriva will manage its grub which is chainloaded from your Fedora installation and Fedora will manage the kernel updates for its installation.
it is on the {partition 3}/dev/hda5 is the first /dev/in that partition.

grub has comes up for Fedora 5
i should do what you said and have it point to Mandriva 2006 /dev/hda5 ?#2
Thanks again for the good help i am getting form this list group.

This sounds like it will work to me.


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