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Re: Tripple boot

jerryw4386 netscape net wrote:
 I need to do triple boot
 Windows xp. pro. for tec. support
 Mandriva 2006 . hay it lets my computer go wireless,
 FC 5 is BEST .
 My ? is witch one goes
 i have three def partition on 8O gb hd. 1.20GB 2.20GB 3.40GB
 1 Win
 when i can get fedora 5 to go wireless
 i will wipe out Mandriva and use space for FC5.

it does not really matter unless you want to extend the partition once you delete MAndriva. if you have
2 FC5
3 Mandriva

then you will be able to resize 2 easily using resize2fs (assuming ext3 filesystem)

2 Mandriva
3 FC5

you would delete mandriva and end up with

2 for data
3 FC5

going from there if you wanted to merge the two you could have fun copying stuff to 2 deleting 3 resizing 2.

Either way does not matter, it is just the amount of work involved.

And as recommended ask your question a little better (especially if my reply is not what you are after)


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