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Fedora Based Developer Needed

Greetings All,

I have been working with Fedora on and off for some time now and have recently started to try and use it for a small project that I am gearing up to work on.

Actually the project is based upon the Berry Linux (it is a LiveCD) which uses the Fedora 5 as the core.

What I am looking for is someone who might be able to do some small development (willing to pay a small fee if needed) for me which would require for them to know something about:

Linux Distro Development
C/C++ Programming
DirectFB development and programming (XDirectFB XServer being used in Berry Linux)

I have the Berry Linux which boots up just fine and even runs very well from what I can tell and is why I am going to use it for this base project.

The general tasks that I need modified are:

1. Change some basic setting within the KDE and language settings to a theme that I have but am not sure how to get it to install properly.

2. Set up the LiveCD so that it will auto boot into a particular graphical application that will be placed on the CD.

3.. Using the Fedora Anaconda Installer (perhaps) to set up the software so that it can be installed on a hard disk for Grub or Lilo booting.

4. fix to display our splash screen and various small settings.

Not sure if any one is interested but I thought that I would ask since you are all the Fedora experts and although I have been using Fedora for a while, I do know know enough about Linux systems development in order to get this done cleanly, efficiently and quickly which is what I really need.

Thanks and have a good day,

Lonnie T. Cumberland

Email: Lonnie outstep com
Lonnie_Cumberland yahoo com
"Open Source...... opening the doors for the future in the world of today...."

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