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Re: Good Bye FC5

On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 23:24 -0400, Rickey Moore wrote:

> <chuckles> In a study of basic criminality, the lack of Empathy is a
> major precursor to abusive behavior, of any form. Put that one in your
> pipe and smoke it. Aggression is a one sided relationship where my goals
> are of 100% importance and my relationship value of you is 0%. 
>  Just to set the record straight; 
> Withdrawn 	is 0% personal goals, 0% relationship
> Passive 	is 0% personal goals, 100% relationship
> Assertive 	is 100% personal goals, 100% relationship
> Compromise 	is 50% personal goals, 50% relationship
> ... so it's considered healthy to try to be properly assertive, but
> everyone has a unique perspective, so you compromise settling for less,
> yet getting World Peace. It's not hard once you become Borg with your
> computer to objectify yourself and everyone around you... it shows up
> even in user interfaces, as you both have noticed. Not friendly;
> Do-it-my-way-I-am-coder-you-are-Borg. Been there, done that, have the
> T-Shirt. It cost me. Not good. Not going back there again. 
> > >Linus is probably right, I should switch to KDE.
> > I kind of tend to trust Linus Torvalds too. ;)  And he's definitely
> > right.
>  Linus is a classic study in proper assertiveness. He's a uber-geek 
> (personal goals) -and- he values people (values relationships). 
> > If there was ever a man that believed in freedom of choice, it's LBT.
> > Both in proprietary and free software arenas.  Free software without
> > freedom of choice is still no freedom.  You should never let "free
> > software" ideology take away your freedom of choice.  Linus understands
> > that
> Of course, people matter more to him than code. It shows and his is not
> a bad example to follow. Bob Young and Mathew Szulik are both people
> persons. I knew Bob from the Red Hat days and, when I got into a scrape,
> he wrote me personally. When Mathew came onboard, he would "mother hen"
> the whole team, checking up to see if you had what you needed and how
> are you and how is your Mum? (sorry, stole that one from the Gecko!) but
> you get the picture. Now Bob runs lulu.com to enable and encourage
> people to publish books, art and music on the web. I'm sure Mathew had a
> hand in this Fedora thing. So, I stick with it and, even when things
> screw up, I beleive their (RH) heart is in the right place. 

Ric, that was an excellent read.  Thanks for posting it. :)

When the ax entered the forest, the trees said,
"The handle is one of us!"   -- Turkish proverb
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