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Re: Can't print after CUPS update this morning?

On Thu, May 18, 2006 at 09:53:24PM +0300, Lauri wrote:

I also got the problem, caused from invalid netmask value in cupsd.conf.


# Lines below are automatically generated - DO NOT EDIT
<Location /printers/psc750>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny From All
Allow From
Allow from
AuthType None

I had to remove the

The reason CUPS is rejecting this is that the correct network address
and not

But why it's incorrect? It should be correct.

CUPS-1.1.x would correct this for you, but CUPS-1.2 no longer does.
But this line in cupsd.conf gets written by system-config-printer (it
copies what you enter in the 'Sharing' dialog).

If you run, as root:

/usr/sbin/printconf-backend --force-rebuild
/sbin/service cups restart

you will probably find that the incorrect network address is back

No, It's not back.

To test out the correct fix, please fetch these packages:


and install them with 'rpm -Fvh system-config-printer*-*'.
Then restart cups: '/sbin/service cups restart'

and things should work fine.  Let me know whether this works for you!

This works, thanks.



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