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Re: Can't print after CUPS update this morning?

Lauri wrote:
>> The reason CUPS is rejecting this is that the correct network address
>> is:
>> and not
> But why it's incorrect? It should be correct.
> is a host address, not a network address with the netmask. Offhand, I can not think of a network
configuration what would have as a network address as
apposed to a host address. An explanation of why it works that way
is a bit complicated, and an understanding of binary helps. A good
rule to keep in mind is that if you binary AND a host address with
the netmask, you get the network address.


PS - Interesting thought - what would a netmask of
give you? All the odd or even addresses between x.x.x.1 and
x.x.x.255, depending on the network address?

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