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Re: Command Line Printing - Custom; help ??

Hi Tim;

I hope I am not being a nuisance by responding directly, but I did email
the fedora list.  It is a problem I would like to solve and your name
seems to be on a lot of CUPS and printing solutions.
On Wed, 2006-17-05 at 08:50 +0000, Tim Waugh wrote:
> On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 02:54:24AM -0400, William Case wrote:
> > lpr -P psc-1310-series---1 -o media=Custom 396 612  seems to be the
> > proper command but doesn't do it.
> I think the way you do it is with:
> ... -omedia=Custom.396x612pt ..
> Tim.
> */

Spent a large part of a day on this problem.  Here's what I got.

I created a text file with gedit called 'test1' containing two lines of
nonsense text.

Then tried:
]$ lpr -P psc-1310-series---1 -o media=Custom.396x612pt ~/test1 

My printer loaded the half sheet of letter sized paper and ejected it
properly but no text printed.

In order to chase down the problem, I printed 'test1' using gedit with
the print gui tab Paper: => Paper size: Custom, Width: 396, Length: 612,
Points, Feed orientation: Straight, Page orientation: Portrait, Layout:

'test1' printed as it should. (Well, not quite.  There was random
quotation marks (") spread throughout the text. (I have since discovered
they are not random, they appear at every tab in the text.  This is not
part of my problem, so disregard.)

]$ lpr ~/test1

Printed as it should on a full letter sized sheet.

]$lpr -P psc-1310-series---1 -o landscape -o media=Custom.396x612pt

Printed correctly as a half sheet of letter in landscape mode. 

Tried -l and -o raw
]$ lpr -P psc-1310-series---1 -o raw -o media=Custom.396x612pt ~/test1


Regards Bill

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