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Re: Cisco vpnclient, ssh-X11-forwarding and firewall

Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen wrote:
Hi all,

I try to setup vpn connection. I use the Cisco vpnclient (4.8) on a FC5
system. The connection can be made and I make connection to a remote node with
ssh -Y remote.node. On the remote node I try to open some X-window (i.e.
xclock). If I have my firewall enabled the ssh session to the remote node
will hang for ever, if I disable the firewall the window is necely displayed.

Question : How do I have to configure my firewall in this case? (I use the
default  firewall comming with FC5). Which ports are to be inserted as

If I use the vpnc from Extra's I do not have these firewall problems (I do
not understand at all why there is a difference)
However, the vpnc is not an option at the moment because it seems not to
survive the "rekeying" and I am always thrown out after exactly 7h36m31s.


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  Jouk Jansen
joukj hrem nano tudelft nl

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  2628 CJ Delft                            tt      uu     uu  dd     dd
  Nederland                                tt      uu     uu  dd    dd
  tel. 31-15-2782272                       tt       uuuuuuu   ddddddd


I don't know if it's applicable in this case but have you tried NetworkManager and NetworkManager-vpnc? It works fine for me. The cisco vpn client and vpnc interface with the system differently; vpnc creates a separate network interface for the tunnel (tun0).
Past that, I'm not that knowledgeable on the subject.

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