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Re: few more queries

On Fri, 2006-05-19 at 16:24 +0530, G Rajesh wrote:
> I have configured NFS successfully. Only problem is that I can access
> to the server file only as root, but not as user. This problem never
> arose in suse. My client mounts the file system as follows
> secondary:/home		/net		nfs	rw,soft		0 0
> and server also exports with rw permission. How to do this? I have both
> selinux and firewall disabled (since my server does not directly connect
> to internet).

Are the userids the same on client and server? E.g. userA has uid 501 on
both the NFS client and the NFS server? If not, it won't work.

You're more likely to get answers to your other queries if you post
separate emails, with an appropriate Subject:. for each one. Responding
to multiple queries in one email can be quite daunting, particularly if
people can only help with one of them, as is the case with me here.


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