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Re: Best way to play recording in Fedora

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
John Wendel <john wendel metnet navy mil> writes:
Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
Music cd's are not file system related, and you cannot "mount" an
audio cd.
Although the question comes to mind, why hasn't someone written the
obvious driver variant to allow audio cd's to be mounted?  An
audio-cd-fs would be dirt simple compared to all the hair that the
isofs has.  All it would have is a single directory with 0-99 files in
it with such descriptive names as "track-1" "track-2" ... "track-99".
The files themselves would just map to the underlying sequence of audo
Already been done, many times. Google is your friend.

Do you have a URL?  The obvious search just came up with tons of hits
for people having problems mounting audio cds.



Try "http://www.google.com/linux?hl=en&lr=&q=audiocd&btnG=Search

Here's one


KDE has an I/O slave that handles CDDA disks. In Konqueror, enter the url "audiocd:/". It seems to be broken on my current system, but it has worked for me in the past.

I'm fairly sure that Gnome has a way to do this too, but I don't use it.



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