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Re: Exhanging files with XP ?

Thank you all for making me note that mistake.

any way it was working i wonder why :)

i will fix the error.

By the way, how do i make that all that space on the vfat disk belong to a specific user? and maybe be mounted on his home directory?


oldman wrote:
Dan wrote:

oldman wrote:

Guillermo Garron wrote:


I did the same thing,

here is my fstab file

hope this helps you.

/dev/hdb3 /media/e_drive vfat rw,defaults,umask=0007 0 0 uid=[user] guid=[group]

should be:
/dev/hdb3 /media/e_drive vfat rw,defaults,umask=007,uid=[user], guid=[group] 0 0


Actually there shouldn't be any space between "rw" and "guid=", a space will tell it that it is two different fields, when all of those should in fact be in one field.

   Oops!  Caught me pasting again!
   Thanks Dan


Miata Red wrote:

While running XP I have created a FAT32 partition with the intention of saving files to share between XP and FC.

When I run FC I cannot open the drive, the FAT32 - Permission Denied...

How can I set permissions properly ?



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