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Re: access nfs share files

On Sat, 2006-05-20 at 11:02 +0530, G Rajesh wrote:
> Dear All,
> Thank you, Paul. Here I am split my queries. I am presenting my queries
> again.
> I have configured NFS successfully. Only problem is that I can access
> to the server file only as root, but not as user. This problem never
> arose in suse. My client mounts the file system as follows
> secondary:/home         /net            nfs     rw,soft         0 0
> and server also exports with rw permission. How to do this? I have both
> selinux and firewall disabled (since my server does not directly connect
> to internet).
> I have my name in both the systems with same userid 500, still I could
> access only as a root.

What are the permissions of the directory you are trying to access, and
all of the parent directories?

Can you not access the shared files at all, or do you have read-only
access to them?

If you change the mount point from /net to (say) /mnt/home, does it
behave any differently?


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