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Re: FC5 and Creative Vibra16c ISAPNP card

On Sun, 2006-05-21 at 23:09 +0200, Samuel Díaz García wrote:
Anybody have a FC5 with a Creative Vibra16C sound card?

My problem is that "sound card detection" show me it detects the card,
but no sound is listen by me and the gnome-volume icon don't appears to
link with the card.

This might sound crazy, but have you checked to be sure that the speaker are plugged in correctly and that they are turned on, if they are powered? If sound-check finds your card, you should be 99% there. If your speakers do not have a power cord, then they are to be plugged into speaker-out. If they do have a power cord then the speakers would be plugged into sound-out or stereo out or audio out, whichever term your soundcard uses. Of course, make sure they are turned on. With it detected, it should be responding.
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