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Re: ntpq no longer working -

>> I suppose there's a few things that could be throwing a spanner in the
>> works (SELinux, DNS resolution, network routing).

Bob Goodwin:
> Selinux is off, I have used numerical addresses, network routing?

Thinking of a different sort of error, that may be a red herring.  But
routing being important for networking when you have more than one
interface (i.e. which one does what traffic go through in which

>> Something that I've seen mentioned regarding other problems, at least,
>> is NTP running more than once.  I don't know how or why that happens,
>> but I've seen it happen here, and odd things happen because of it

> Ed Greshko asked -
> service ntpd status
> ntpd (pid 18799) is running...
> I forgot to provide that in the last message.

Check the process IDs for yourself (e.g. use "top", or something else).
I don't recall the "service ntpd status" message showing NTP running
more than once for me, but it was.  Nor do I know why.

(Currently running FC4, in case that's important to the thread)

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