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Re: fc5 hangs

David L wrote:

Two days in a row my fc5 computer has frozen soon after I start using it in the morning. The screen wakes up from screensaver mode when I move the mouse and I'm able to do a few things like change the viewport... then the screen goes blank and all I can see is the outline of the mouse pointer which is no longer responsive to mouse motion. The keyboard is unresponsive to control-alt-backspace and control-alt-delete and caps lock and num lock fail to change the keyboard lights. How do I attempt to identify the problem in a case like this? I think I might have clicked on an evolution send/receive button soon before both crashes, so my only guess right now is an evolution problem.

It's 4 of 5 work days now that fc5 has hung on me first thing in the morning.
Before today's hang, I had changed my desktop environment from KDE to
GNOME and had changed the screensaver to blank-screen-only, so KDE
and screensaves are not the problem.

Evolution still seems like the common thread, but I have no alternative way
to get email from my company's exchange server, so I can't really experiment
with not using evolution.  I had uptimes exceeding 180 days with fc3 before
upgrading to fc5.  Now my maximum uptime is 3 days (2 of which were
weekend days when I didn't use it).  If anybody has a practical
workaround for this problem, I'd appreciate it.  Or if anybody can suggest
a way to debug keyboard/mouse hangs, I can try to provide a more useful
description of the problem to the list.



You might try installing the synaptics mouse driver from the repos. After it is installed, it might help if you run
system-config-display --reconfig
after backing up your current xorg.conf file and after the package is installed.

If you have any information in your kernel command related to the mouse working, remove it and reboot the computer before running.
system-config-display --reconfig

It might be helpful if you could give the output for your hardware for videocard, keyboard, mouse and the like.


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