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Re: Fedora 5 works perfectly, except usb modem

--- Jeff Vian <jvian10 charter net> wrote:

> On Mon, 2006-05-22 at 23:38 +0100, William d'Ormond
> wrote:
> >  
> > Point of e-mail: How do you get fedora 5 to detect
> and install a USB
> > dial-up modem (DC-009 V2 Sitecom)?
> >  
> > Hi everyone,
> >  
> > I'm not really a linux newbie... but please treat
> me as one.
> > A long time ago I installed Fedora 3 and had a
> lovely time with it.
> > But then my laptop's internal winmodem broke (I
> had spent considerable
> > effort getting it to run with smartlink linmodem
> drivers (slmodem
> > 2.7.9 or something like that)).
> >  
> > I then went and bought a USB modem. This I thought
> would cure all
> > problems associated with linux compatibility. It
> works under Windows,
> > obviously, however, I have now moved completely on
> to Fedora 5 and
> > deleted the windows partition. 
> > Fedora 5 does not detect anything when the USB
> modem is plugged in...
> > in fact it only detects the broken internal modem
> which I cannot use.
> > This is strange as the modem lights on the USB
> modem turn on when I
> > plug it into a USB port. 
> >  
> > I now have absolutely NO IDEA how to start getting
> this stupid USB
> > modem to work under linux. Smartlink has given up
> linux support it
> > seems, and has switched to connexant (linuxant.com
> ). Actually I can't
> > find the chipset of this modem under google
> anywhere, and can't detect
> > it at all in linux, so I'm not even sure it's a
> Connexant chipset. I
> > am presuming it is an HCF modem type?????
> >  
> > Can someone please help me out, because I won't be
> able to access
> > internet at home if I can't dial up a connection
> on my phone line.
> >  
> AFAIK there are still problems using USB modems with
> Linux.
> Try www.linmodems.org and see if the people there
> can help.  I believe
> they write most of the drivers for the various
> winmodems that are now
> being used in Linux.
> > 
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  This is the way to go.  William, please download
scanModem, from here 


copy it to linux partition and become superuser
$ su -
password: *****

# gunzip scanModem.gz
# chmod +x scanModem
# ./scanModem

post to this list if you can't subscribe to
discuss linmodems org and I can relay your message to
the list.  If the slmodemd-2.9.X drivers worked for
you before I do not see why not, the
slmodem-2.9.11-20051101.tar.gz from smartlink
directory in linmodems will not do the job for you.


If these are the drivers, be aware that you will need
to apply some patches for it to work with Fedora Core
5, namely, I will refer you to 


where doing as the instructions for each file will
work for Fedora Core 5.



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