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Re: Securing SSH


On Tue, 23 May 2006 11:53:27 -0600 Reg Clemens <reg dwf com> wrote:

> > I'm looking to tighten up my ssh configuration.  
> Well, your going to have people banging on the door no matter what you
> implement.  I finally had it with the log files (Logwatch) being full of
> this pounding and did two things
>     (1) in my firewall only allowed incoming ssh from my work network
> number. (2) Actually, that would have been too severe, I do want to get in
> from other
>         outside numbers on occasion,- so I also allow incoming ssh from my
> ISP. So if Im outside, not at work, and need to get in, I first ssh to my 
> ISP, then
>         ssh home.   That ended the banging on the door.   I mean, I trust
> ssh, its just the time waisted reviewing the logs that this solves.

Here: no root login, no trustedhosts, proto2 only, no passwordauthlogin, no
rsa, sshd at port != 22, and ssh-faker running



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