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Re: How is local mail delivery accomplished using postfix?

On Wed, 24 May 2006, Todd Zullinger wrote:

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> tfreeman intel digichem net wrote:
> > What I want to happen is to use postfix and spamassassin to que up
> > the email to either accessed locally or by imap by the remote son or
> > daughters. What I'm not finding out (google & RH docs etc) is how
> > postfix hands off email for delivery to local spool, such that
> > spamassassin can get it's paws on the message.
> You can do this with just a few edits.  In /etc/postfix/main.cf,
> specify the path to procmail for $mailbox_command:
> mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail
> Create /etc/procmailrc and include the spamassassin-spamc.rc file:
> INCLUDERC=/etc/mail/spamassassin/spamassassin-spamc.rc
> There are issues with procmail and SELinux, which don't appear to be
> fixed with the latest selinux policy I have installed (2.2.40-1.fc5),
> so you may need to disable that or work out the proper policy changes
> until the official selinux policy gets updated.
> (See the fedora-selinux-list archives for some details.  Paul Howarth
> brought this up and pointed me toward it, so he may well be able to
> offer some specific tips in this area.)
> As with most things, there are other ways to do this and plenty of
> ways you could tweak things further.  The postfix, procmail, and
> spamassassin manuals will be of help, as will google.  FWIW though, I
> just made the changes I outlined and tested them, so I know that they
> do at least work.  YMMV.
> After that, you can setup your email clients to do whatever they want
> with mail that's marked as spam by spamassassin.  Setting up a method
> to train the Bayesian filters is something I'd highly recommend.

Todd - Thanks. That is one major headache down. Now to learn something 
about the next headache. 8-/

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