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Re: NFS install images can't be found

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Frank Cox wrote:
> I was trying to update a machine from FC3 to FC5 yesterday.  In
> accord with my usual practice, I put the machine on my network,
> booted off of the network install CD, said that I want to use a NFS
> image and pointed the computer to my NFS server and the directory
> where the images are stored.
> And it told me that it can't find the images.
> I checked from other computers on my network and the images are in
> place and haven't changed, moved or done anything.  And I updated
> another machine using exactly the same procedure over the weekend,
> and did a new install last week on yet another one with no problem
> at all.
> I'm wondering if it can't find the network card or something --

When you are in the installer, go to console 2 (Alt-F2) and you should
have a shell.  From there you can run ifconfig and see if the network
has been setup correctly.  If so, ping the NFS host and see if it's
reachable.  Then check if the NFS share is mounted, etc.  That should
help you locate the problem.

Also, check the other consoles (Alt-F3 through F5 or F6) for any
relevant output right after you try to connect to the NFS share in the
main installer screen.  It might give you some hints as to why the
system isn't finding the image it needs.

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