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Re: Lock Screen as root

> While an X session is generated by a startx, a user can issue a 
> Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to kill the X session, giving access to that 
> account's cmd-line. This can also be done when the screen is locked. If 
> the machine is running init 5 and it is the default X session, this only 
> restarts the X session and doesn't give cmd-line access.

When I tried this as root, it hung the system, and X did not restart.
Graphical logins were unavailable (the screen was completely black) and 
access to a virtual console required a new login.

>From a locked user session, X restarts and prompts again for username
and password.  I gather that if root could lock the screen, he could
recover more easily.

> Although I prefer init 3, I have been running 5 to get around this. I 
> might research the possibility of deactivating Ctrl+Alt+Backspace while 
> having the screen locked. But still, a more savvy badguy/girl will know 
> about either method of getting access. =(

Not really a worry.  If a bad guy has physical access to your keyboard
and system box, you're in trouble anyway and nothing X can do will help
you.  If I want to cause trouble, all I have to do is turn off the
power, or take out the hard drive.

> But for the use of root: Don't log in as root to a GUI, unless you are 
> there using it. Log out when you are done. Better: use su or sudo in a 
> user account using virtual terminals.

This isn't the point of my question.  Is the misbehavior of the screensaver
a bug, an unintended side effect of something else, or done intentionally?

> Stephen Mirowski

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