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Re: localhost kernel: Disabling IRQ #11 ???

anthony baldwin wrote:

I havenĀ“t even the slightest idea what that entails or how it would be done, to tell the truth...
Would you suggest that I yum update SELinux, or something?

No selinux is not the problem.

To change the kernel parameters for one boot only, probably what you want to do here, press 'a' at the grub prompt and add the interesting parameters. When done press enter.

To use the kernel parameters permanently, edit


Look for the 'Default=' line and the number there. That file consists of one or more 'stanzas' or sections which contain the boot options for various versions of the kernel. The first section is numbered 0, the next 1 and so on. Default tells grub which section to use by default. Select the section that is mentioned in the Default line and look for the 'kernel' line in that section. Add your magic kernel parameters in there and save the file.

It seems possible interesting magic kernel parameter keywords to try are

irqpoll acpi=off pci=noacpi


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