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Re: Open a range of ports with iptables

On 29/05/06, redhatdude bellsouth net <redhatdude bellsouth net> wrote:
That didn't help much.
Thanks anyway Mr. Patte
Can anyone give me the complete command to open those range of ports
in the firewall?

I'm working from the assumption that you don't have any knowledge of
iptables, the command line interface for configuring the netfilter
firewall (part of the linux kernel) - this has a fairly steep learning
curve for the uninitiated.

FC comes with a tool for configuring the firewall - if you go to the
System menu, Administration, Security Level and Firewall, you'll get a
GUI that allows you to change some of the more rudimentary aspects of
the firewall. You could use this to open up the ports you wish, but,
that would probably mean adding 100 rules (I don't think this GUI
understands port ranges, I could be wrong).

An alternative GUI is available from extras called firestarter, which
allows you to do a lot more, and is more flexible. The last time I
tried it, ithad a few small issues with SElinux, but this gives you
the closest experience to a Windows like personal firewall.

Alternatively, you could install shorewall from Extras - this is a
command line driven utility, but is really easy to understand and set
up complicated rules - this is my recommendation.

Jonathan (wishing the system-config-securitylevel was a bit more
useful for newbies).

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