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Re: High Speed Internet & FC5

LeBreton wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am French and I just arrived in California. I am using a FC5 distrib on my computer and I would like to get a High Speed Internet connection like this proposed by AT&T with an External ADSL Ethernet Modem.

But At&T claims that other distrib than Windows or Mac are not supported for their DSL connection. :-(
Could I get some advices for the best solution for high speed internet with FC5?

Many thanks in advance! :-D

I used Yahoo! SBCGlobal aDSL for about 5 years with fedora, now owned by AT&T.
You need to have the dns server ip´s they give you.
Then, well, at least with FC1-FC3, I know.
Then, run adsl-setup at terminal and follow the prompts.  Rather easy.
It will ask you for your username and password and the DNS servers, which network device (probably eth0 or eth1).
Then, to connect you will run ifup ppp0, to disconnect ifdown ppp0
to check status ifstatus ppp0.

J'ai employé Yahoo ! ADSL de SBCGlobal pendant 5 années avec le fedora, maintenant possédé par AT&T.
Vous avez besoin des adresses IPs de serveur de DNS qu´ils vous donnent.
Puis, vous faite pour courir adsl-setup au terminal et suivent les messages de sollicitation. Plutôt facile. Il vous demandera votre username et mot de passe et les serveurs de DNS,
qui dispositif de réseau (probablement eth0 ou eth1).
Puis, pour se relier, vous emploierez ifup ppp0, pour débrancher, ifdown ppp0 et pour vérifier le statut, ifstatus ppp0.


Anthony Baldwin
Translator / Court Qualified Interpreter / Certified English Teacher

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