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Re: I think it's now got to the stage of: Which mirrors actually do work?

Leon wrote:
Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au> writes:

I think it's now got to the stage of:  Which mirrors actually do work?
This is what I see nearly EVERY time I try to do a YUM update over the
last few weeks:

I have similar problem. Another annoyance is that it didn't pick up
the fastest connect.
I had real problems with yum {similar to what Tim saw} when I had fastest mirror enabled. Try turning it off. In fact I got the drift that fastest mirror intends to cycle through every mirror, downloading that 1.~ MB file, and timing each one. In that amount of time/downloads, I could have completed the whole update with a fifth of the downloads.

The other good thing to check is to point your favourite web browser directly at one of the mirrors in the list. Check the date/time of the repo files. I think they should be near matching.

Also, on a mirror I know about they mention that they rsync each 8 hours. Now if their rsync schedule is ahead of the fedora build push time by half an hour, their mirror wont get updates until 7.5 hours later. In the meantime, if repomd.xml is read from the main fedora site, it may be indicating that filelist should have a particular checksum, which isn't what is currently in most mirrors. Large Fedora updates may also play a role - eg openoffice, might slow the speed of getting the mirrors in sync.

In fact, since I would rather not use international links when files I need are in my country I have used a newer yum conf item as shown: (.au)

- I read the mirrorlist, found my in country mirrors, and made these the baseurl's.
- priority means try them in listed order.  (otherwise it is random)
- mirrorlist still active in case my fav three aren't up to date yet.


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