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Re: I think it's now got to the stage of: Which mirrors actually do work?

On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 08:12 +1000, David Timms wrote:
> I had real problems with yum {similar to what Tim saw} when I had 
> fastest mirror enabled. Try turning it off. In fact I got the drift
> that fastest mirror intends to cycle through every mirror, downloading
> that 1.~ MB file, and timing each one.

I've tried various options, it hasn't helped.  And really, *it* ought to
be sorting this out itself, it's the computer, not me.  YUM used to work
quite well, but recently something seems to be very wrong with it.

> Also, on a mirror I know about they mention that they rsync each 8 
> hours.

I've seen some that seem to be about a week or more out of date, such as
my ISP's.  I'd use them, because it wouldn't eat into my download
allowance, but it's utterly pointless when it's not current.

> Now if their rsync schedule is ahead of the fedora build push 
> time by half an hour, their mirror wont get updates until 7.5 hours 
> later. In the meantime, if repomd.xml is read from the main fedora
> site, it may be indicating that filelist should have a particular
> checksum, which isn't what is currently in most mirrors. Large Fedora
> updates may also play a role - eg openoffice, might slow the speed of
> getting the mirrors in sync.

All of that *should* be handled silently in the background, it shouldn't
affect how we use the system.  It should be designed to stay in sync in
a way that's compatible with it still being useable.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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