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Re: xorg.conf no longer changeabe by system-config-display


Em Segunda 29 Maio 2006 08:38, Irvine Short escreveu:
> Hey All
> I have an IBM T43 with the Intel 915 chipset running FC5. I wanted to
> extend my desktop onto my external monitor which would not work using
> system-config-display. I then manually hacked my xorg.conf and now I
> have a working extended desktop but I can no longer go into
> system-config-display.
> Anyone have any tips for getting around this please? Also a neat idea
> for choosing different xorg.conf files for whether or not I have my
> external monitor connected would be handy.

Your video is working ok using the i815 driver? I have a notebook with Intel 
915GM chipset, but the screen is not updated correctly when I set up X to use 
the i815 driver, although it worked fine in FC4. I have to use the vesa 
driver to get video working.
If you're using the i815 driver successfully in FC5, did you made any special 
configuration to get it working?



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