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Re: Online diary/Journal program(OT)

On 30/05/06, िऩऩाद <freeninad gmail com> wrote:
This is a off topic
I need to create a software which will operate as an online diary or
journal. No frills inthis application atleast initially and should be
console operated basically. My basic purpose is to just start the
application and type in happennings for today. Also some date manipulation
would be required like retreiving entries for 2 days prior to today etc.

How do i go abt this i.e
Which programming language
What database or txt file would be enough

I want this to be a learning experience.
I have very minimal exp in programming especially(C)

Do you want to be hosting the journal i.e. running the webserver and
blog software yourself? If so you could look at the wordpress blog
software (wordpress.org).

If on the other hand you're looking for easy ways to write entries in
a console and publish them on a blog hosted elsewhere, you could look
at something like http://blogtk.sourceforge.net/

Although, if you wanted specifically a console application, one that I
use a lot is the muse package for emacs (available from Fedora Extras
- yum install emacs-muse).



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