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Re: [OT] routing

hicham said:
Hello I have some basic questions on some network and routing issue

I need to setup two pc 's A and B acting  as  gateways ( running on Fedora
) assigned ip adress for pc A  and for pc B connected
to a private lan network now the subnet for the gateway A is a
network / 24 , gateway A in this subnet got ip address
 and subnet for gateway B is a network, gateway B ip address

now I need to get a pc in subnet / 24, communicate with a pc in
subnet, How do I achieve that ? thru a routing table right?

what do I need to fill in my route table in system-config-network ?

I'm afraid I only know how to do this manually. You can either
use Quagga (seems like overkill for just 2 routes) or static
routes. Make up a diagram of your network and label everything
properly so we can figure out exactly what you need. Simple ASCII
art is fine. You don't have to use the real IP addresses but if
you are traversing the Internet lets us know as that will require
different tools (possibly).

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