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Re: Metrics and your privacy

On 11/22/06, Mike McGrath <mmcgrath fedoraproject org> wrote:
So we're looking for better ways to find out exactly who is out there
and what Fedora is being used for.  I've been compiling thoughts and
ideas on a metrics site.  Please take a look and comment.  What are
you, the community, most comfortable with?  Where's the line where
you'd check the check box to not participate?



I suggest  an Python app with the following attributes:

1) runs once then offers to remove itself
2) has a TUI and GUI interface
3) non mandatory, would simply show up on the desktops of users till used
4) multi-level  - ie. allowing busier users to just allow their
install to be counted or go as far as filling multiple points of
5) Allows (gives the option) for viewing of the actual data that will
be sent to RedHat and only RedHat's servers
6) Pointed to, but not ran on first boot

I think this should account for most of the issues people have had
with the collection of metrics. From their it will be up to the
statisticians to make sense of it all.


Fedora Core 6 and proud

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