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Re: So, what's a "Zod?"

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:

Bizarre choice IMO, but chosen anyway. (If you don't vote, you suffer the consequences. I did not vote ... therefore one less dissenting vote.)


Its not quite bizzarre. People here around have a "different" sense of humor at times. The names of each of the releases are related in a way thats different from the previous release.

Though this time, everyone was allowed to vote, it is supposed to be restricted to contributors. We will use our new voting system next time.



Thanks for the link. I think writing the name on the DVD before burning the copy made it a fair choice.
I would have probably picked Goethe from the choices.

The last few sentences in the link seal the name choice. :-)


I told my kids, "Someday, you'll have kids of your own."  One of them said,
"So will you."
		-- Rodney Dangerfield

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