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Re: Back Again

At 11:02 PM -0500 7/31/07, Les Mikesell wrote:
>Sam Varshavchik wrote:
>> You do /not/ need that much info in the first step.
>My first step is usually a 'yum search'.

I think Sam meant "A depsolver does /not/ need...", though the way yum and
rpm solve deps needs a provides list and a filelist at least some of the
>> All you need is a
>> just a list of names of packages available on the remote repository. You
>> reconcile that against the list of packages you already have downloaded
>> the metadata for, and you then know what's new.
>The annoying parts for me are that after finding the things I want, yum
>repeats the metadata download for every install step and goes out of its
>way to avoid allowing the site proxy cache from supplying it or the rpms.

Perhaps your yum is improperly set up.  Yum caches whatever it has
downloaded before, but it can be configured to delete the cache upon
sucessful installation (keepcache=0).  Yum defaults to spreading the load
over all the mirrors by randomly choosing a mirror each time, but it can be
configured to use a baseurl list instead, which allows you to use the same
mirror each time, with fallbacks when that mirror is not available.

In any event, yum does not normally ever reparse the metadata it downloads.
That happens once, just after the data is downloaded, and not at all for
the .sqllite files.  Perhaps using a proxy is your problem, or more likely
an improperly set up proxy, as usually the worst that can happen is that,
when the mirror one starts at is not fully updated, yum switches to another
mirror for anything it needs that is missing, and sometimes that mirror is
also not up to date but in different places.  I expect that a broken proxy
setup could make this happen all the time.
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