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Re: F7 Kernel USB stick

I'm not disagreeing with you about Scientific Linux, which I haven't used,
but CentOS 4 recently had a very large major upgrade from 4.4 to 4.5, which
I, as a new CentOS user hoping for the non-upgrade kind of stability, found
rather upsetting.  I was told that CentOS just follows RedHat, which had
just done that to RHEL 4.  Is Scientific Linux different?

Sure, Scientific Linux has various different majors versions that are currently SL3 and SL4 (SL5 on the way). These are based on EL3 and EL4 and very different beasts. You won't find yourself going from SL3 to SL4 via yum, unless you choose to try and do that.

For sure though SL also has sub-point releases, 3.x and 4.x (currently I am on a 4.5 release), which I think are the equivalents of what you talk about above. These updates I believe can occur through yum. However, I've not aware of any problems in this, its always been pretty flawless. I'm not the sys-admin though, but I never heard him complain (and I suspect I would have) or noticed any problems as a user.

maybe SL is better than centos in this regard ?


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