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Re: evolution paper size

In FC6, I can go to
System / Administration / Printing
select (in the Printer configuration window that came up)
Local Printers / printer
select the "Printer Options" tab, and set the Page Size to Letter there.

Does this not work in FC7?


On 7/31/07, Craig White <craig tobyhouse com> wrote:
Have an issue with newly installed F7 and evolution with a cups print
server for the network.

Nowhere in evolution can you choose page size when you print - as far as
I can tell.

It appears the default page size is A4 and that setting is somewhere in
the bowels of GNOME and I cannot figure out how to switch it to US

Anyone want to toss me a bone...it would seem to be a simple thing but I
have 30 minutes chasing my tail around and I can't figure out how to get
at something like this - even with the most crude gconftool-2


Craig White <craig tobyhouse com>

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