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Re: F 7: HP LaserJet 4000N stopped working for me via parallel port...

On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 11:41 -0500, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have an HP LJ 4000N hooked up to my machine via an old parallel
> port. A few days ago, this stopped working. I suspected that a kernel or 
> udev problem was the cause. I went to system-config-printer and deleted 
> the printer; then, I attempted to bring it back. Isee several printers on 
> our building network, but no options for parallel. Is there something else 
> I should be choosing in the setup menus to make it work? For the Device 
> URI, I have tried Socket://:9100, serial ports 1-3 (incase it got 
> confused)...and several others. I give up. Any ideas?
1 - try booting an older kernel to see if the problem actually occurred
from kernel update

2 - Socket://IP_ADDRESS:9100 only works for networked printers - not
parallel connections.

3 - Check /var/log/messages & dmesg to see if parallel port is reflected
(i.e. grep/look for parport)

Craig White <craig tobyhouse com>

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