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Re: New Kernel still bad

On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 12:39:55 -0600
Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:

**** Snip to get to meaningful section ***

> 	So what I have is a cheap thing about the size of a floppy
> drive at the front panel which plugs into one of the two USB things
> on the mother board. It has 5 slots for various memeory sticks from
> camera and cell phone and other things. With this kernel (41) the 5
> slots work but the one USB on this devise does not work.
> 	I am sure there is something not quite right with my
> computer. But for sure with the old kernel it DID WORK.

So - what you really have is an external universal media reader.
Is that type of device covered within the supported hardware?

Fortunately for me, Sony has it's universal media reader built in (not
sure if that matters).

And in my case, it works perfectly however, my uni-media reader does
not read flash drives, only media from things like digital cameras.

Best regards,
Registerd Linux user number 448639

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