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Re: why is my wireless totally borked in f7?

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>>  - check you have a wireless interface: iwconfig
> yup, wlan0, not currently encrypted, no access point, etc.
>>  - bring it up:  ifconfig wlan0 up
> huh?  i'm not sure why that should work yet, and what i get is:
> SIOCSIFFLAGS:  No such file or directory.
> nothing in the instructions you gave me talks about downloading new
> firmware.  shouldn't that be part of the process?  or are you not
> taking that into account here?

"My instructions" are generic ones... I don't have your card nor use
your particular driver.  Some common cards like ipw2200 and 3945
actually have their firmware in base Fedora packages already, for example.

Bringing the device up with ifconfig is needed for mac80211-based
drivers, it looks like yours isn't.

Normally though the driver takes care of loading the firmware file from
/lib/firmware and sending it to the device itself when the module is
inserted, and again normally it would complain in dmesg if that wasn't
happening.  Do you have any firmware for this device in /lib/firmware
already?  Because no complaints in dmesg could be interpreted as being
good news...

If you have some firmware in there, a quick sanity test would be to put
the device in Monitor mode and tcpdump on it, something like

iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
iwconfig wlan0 channel 6
tcpdump -i wlan0

if that starts showing you packets, you definitely have a device that is
up and working.


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