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Re: Strange grub behavior w/new kernel

> On 8/2/07, Frank Elsner <Frank Elsner tu-berlin de > wrote:
>> On Wed, 1 Aug 2007 18:55:01 +0200 Casey Stamper wrote:
>> > I got home today and updated my laptop w/the latest kernel and other
>> > updates. When I rebooted, grub automtically went back to the previous
>> > kernel. I had to manually choose the new one. It's easy enough to fix
>> in
>> > menu.lst but I thought the default behaviour was to make the latest
>> kernel
>> > the default.
>> You can tune this within file /etc/sysconfig/kernel
>> Mine reads
>> # UPDATEDEFAULT specifies if new-kernel-pkg should make
>> # new kernels the default
>> # DEFAULTKERNEL specifies the default kernel package type
>> --Frank Elsner
> That's nice to know but why did the supposedly default behavior change?
> I've
> been through several kernel updates on this machine and IIRC, they booted
> from the newest kernel upon restart (although I *could* be wrong on this).
> I
> know FC6 booted the newest. I run a lot of different distros so maybe my
> last two or three kernel updates on F7 are getting mixed up in my mind
> w/the
> default behavior of other distros. I'll definitely pay closer attention to
> it next time and tweak /etc/sysconfig/kernel if necessary.

On 8/2/07, Jim van Wel <jim coolzero info > wrote:Hi there,

Well, I updated it today, and everything was standard installed, and it
just went fine, also selecting default the newest kernel. So maybe you
changed something?


That's odd. I've never messed with /etc/sysconfig/kernel but the old kernel was definitely the default after installation of the new kernel. I didn't change anything after the install/update - just rebooted to test the new kernel (which I had to select manually).

Casey Stamper
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