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Re: F7 crash investigation

On Thursday 02 August 2007, Robin Laing wrote:
> Not many details that allows anyone to really help.

I couldn't get much details because most of the time before I even could start 
working it crashed.

> What video driver are you using?

nvidia, I tried both the nv and nvidia driver with no difference.

> Does it crash if you don't use compiz?

I have used both KDE and GNOME, also no difference. I'm not sure if compiz was 
used though. I will check.

> Have you tried to ssh into the "box" from another machine?

I tried but it wasn't responding.

I also ram memtest86 which completed without errors.

Yesterday I changed the network interface (it has two) and since than haven't 
seen any crashes. It may be coincidence though. 
The reason for me to change the network interface is that I noticed a crash 
occur at the moment I tried using the network. 
Anyway, since I switched the network interface it seems stable  (it's running 
for a couple of hours now).


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