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Re: Mythtv Backend Init Script?

> >
> Do you realize how rude that is? The "I need help, but send the answer
> to me instead of putting it on the list where it can help everyone"
> attitude.
> If the answer is small it belongs on the list, if not the link belongs
> on the list. Lists and newsgroups are for sharing answers, not your
> private free consulting service.
> > Thanks in advance for any assistance.
> Always glad to explain the elements of net courtesy.
> You might look at atrpms.net for a drop-in mythtv.
> --
> Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
I understand net courtesy, I post lots of assistance to the lists I
subscribe to.  Sometimes it is not possible to post an overly long
solution to the list, so sending it to someone directly is the

If you read the entire thread then you will have seen that I did post
back to the thread with the solution I found.

And I was using the atrpms myth packages, it just did not have a
.mysql.txt file in the / folder.

I consider rude to be more akin to your actions, interjecting a
comment into the thread just because you read some line that you did
not like.

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