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Re: Kernels and udev

Karl Larsen wrote:
I am an expert at neither kernel or udev writing, but I do read the man pages and I think some things need to be said.

First, udev is instructed by the kernel to write a thing in /dev/. If this happens then the event can be completed. If the kernel words are garbled or udev can't read it because it is too new, then udev does nothing.

I think the interface between udev and the old kernel is just fine and this is why the USB ports work. I think the new kernel and the present udev are not talking.

The fix to this problem is either a rewrite of udev or a rewrite of the kernel. The fix also needs a person who has hands on experiance with both the kernel and udev.

    This sounds simple but it is not simple at all.

There are several different threads going about this. I thought someone else solved the same problem by picking up a newer udev package from the rawhide repo and keeping the current fedora kernel - so it must already be done.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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