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Re: broadcom wireless under F7 -- the recipe(?)

Aaron Konstam:
> This statement that WEP is easy to crack must be taken with a grain of
> salt. One has to visualize crackers driving down my street and
> cracking my WEP passphrase or strange people , probably with speakers
> in their ears and raincoats, wandering through the office. It could
> happen but on my street which goes nowhere they would stand out.
> Although, if they want to do that let them. My communication with other
> machines is all encrypted (e.g, mail is ssl encrypted) so I am not sure
> what they would find out.

I think there's been enough proofs on the net that it is easy to crack,
in itself.  Yes, the chances of it happening if you're not in the thick
of things is slimmer, but don't forget that someone trying to steal free
net (or do illegal things through someone else's internet) can do so at
a distance with a good enough antenna.  They don't do it just to see
what you're up to, they mightn't even care, they're more interested in
connected to the internet.

Depending on how you did you mail, it may only be the password
authentication that's encrypted, the message content may be sent in the
clear.  That can be a concern for some people.

(This box runs FC5, my others run FC4 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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