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Odd problems with FC6 kernel

I am not certain if this is a problem with FC6 or my machine.

The machine is a 3ghz Intel hyperthread cpu on an Intel motherboard.

I have a dvd burner on /dev/hda.

After burning dvds for a while, burning will wedge. There will be a message in /var/log/messages about a soft lockup on cpu 1. The system still runs, but the dvd drive no longer works and I get tons of "drive not ready" errors until I reboot.

Disabling hyperthread does not help. i get the same problem on CPU 0 and the system is MUCH harder to use until I reboot.

Not certain if this is the kernel being wonky or my machine. Has anyone seen this?

I have two S-ATA drives and 4 IDE drives on the machine. The DVD drive is an IDE drive. (There were not any SATA burners when I bought the drive. At least, not where I got it.)

I have also seen problems when there is a lot of drive activity. Things slow down a lot. Much more than they did with earlier kernels. Part of this was Beagle. (Which I removed.) It wanted to index EVERYTHING. The index was 1.7gig.

Ideas?  Should this go into bugzilla?  What other details are needed?

"ANSI C says access to the padding fields of a struct is undefined.
ANSI C also says that struct assignment is a memcpy. Therefore struct
assignment in ANSI C is a violation of ANSI C..."
                                  - Alan Cox

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