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Re: Remote X11 Connection

Chris Jones wrote:
Firstly, at the login window, under the menu you should see an option for
remote login (at least on my Fedora7 box here, installed from the KDE live
CD thats the case. On the standard Fedora7 install, or a different distro
it might be label different or missing).

Thought of another way ;)

Switch to the console on your local machine (alt-cntrl-F1) and login. Then run

 > X :2 -query <remote-host>

This is basically what the suggestion above does.

One other nice things about this, is if you use the local host name in place of <remote-host> you basically start a second X session on your local box. ( This is effectively all that the 'switch-user' buttons in the latest KDE/gnome releases, but useful on systems which don't have this. )

Very cool, thanks!

Now let's assume SSH is the only open port on remote machine (local, too, but that doesn't usually matter). Which of the methods you mentioned are still viable?


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