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Re: Trying to share a printer with XP

Gordon Charrick wrote:
> I've got an old Laserjet 6P. It prints fine in Fedora 6. I'm trying to
> get my windows machine to use it with no luck. Here's the section of
> smb.conf that uses it.
> [printers]
>    comment = All Printers
>    path = /var/spool/samba
>    printer = lj6p
> # Set public = yes to allow user 'guest account' to print
>    browseable = no
>    printable = yes
>    guest ok = yes
>    public = yes
> I can add the printer in windows just fine, but when I bring up the
> printer list it says "access denied" and I can't send anything to the
> printer. I get no messages at all in the logs and it's driving me crazy.
> Do I also need to do something with cups configuration? I have iptables
> turned off so it's not a firewall issue.
I find it works better to set it up as a IPP printer under XP, and
talk directly to CUPS. If you are going to use Samba to share the
printer, you have to be sure that your Samba guest account or the
Windows XP user, if they have a Samba account, has write access to
/var/spool/samba. Also, you do not need to have printer shares if
you use:

   load printers = yes

and want to share all the printers on the Linux box. If you only
want to share specific printers, then you need to set it to no, and
define shares for the printers you want to share. In that case, you
also should make sure the printer name in the share, and the CUPS
name match.


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