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Re: Applying unpaper to a scanned pdf book

On 8/6/07, Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:
> >> I have a book that I have scanned and that it is in pdf format. When I
> >> scanned it, I was not aware of the existence of unpaper. Can I now use
> >> unpaper to improve the quality of the scanned pages, preserving the
> >> resolution, without having to scan the book again?
> >
> >Information at the bottom of the page at <http://unpaper.berlios.de/>
> >would seem to suggest so.
> A most interesting and eminently usefull bit of code, but it screams for an
> interactive gui.  Who can recall how to apply all those options without
> posting that whole web page's printouts on the wall?

That is true, Gene. However, gscan2pdf implements a sort of gui for unpaper:


That is not a perfect gui for unpaper, but it is already very useful.
Actually, I could import my book in pdf into gscan2pdf, having then,
inside gscan2pdf, applied unpaper successfully.

Gscan2pdf is available from the usual repositories, and it is a gui to
produce a multipage pdf from a scan.


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