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Re: my hosts file

Hi Aaron,

Okay I have the hosts set up now. Like I said they are going to be running on the same machine. Also just out of curiosity say you have a certain port like my Cms(Content Management System) runs on 8080 does this need to be present in the hosts file or am I just telling the computer okay you will act as these machines. My educated guess is that I am just telling the machine okay you will be these servers but I just want to make sure I know what I am doing here. This is the first time I have mucked with the hosts file. Once more just to make sure I am following your advice I will send out the hosts file. I apologize if I am very careful but I worked on Windows machines for almost 20 years and now just really getting my feet wet so to speak with Linux. I do have some basic knowledge of Linux and do read if I need to or if I can understand it.

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On Mon, 2007-08-06 at 14:46 -0500, Scott wrote:
i a"aron,

What I am wanting to do here and I hope I have accomplished this here
that Pilotalk has the web server, email and it will have bugzill and
svn capability on it.  So what I want is the machine to be called
pilotalk.com and the mail server to be mail.pilotalk.com.  With the
address of is this going to foul things up or is it
better to
call it  Also in where it says localhost.localdomain can
actually be changed to pilotalk.com in the first line of the hosts
Againhere is the current hosts file.

Despite support for your hosts file, to me it is wrong.
The : localhost.localdomain localhost
line is required and you should not muck with it.
Putting the other names and ip addresses in your host files is the way
to go. You can also put a HOSTNAME in the /etc/sysconfig/network
file. However, what you machine will be called when accessed from
another machine is the job of the DNS records on the DNS server you are

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