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Re: I'm ready to give up Linux!! (OT)

Great answer! Control is on the Community's hands not
on an monopoly's hands who screws you up whenever it

Linux Rules Always!

--- Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com> wrote:

> Paul Smith wrote:
> > On 8/6/07, Rahul Sundaram
> <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> >>> I think you misread my words: I did test the
> latest kernel on my
> >>> machine, and the bug is still present. What I
> said was that apparently
> >>> the author of the comment
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> did not do any test on a machine with the same
> motherboard like mine.
> >>> The reference of my motherboard was given by me
> at Bugzilla two months
> >>> ago.
> >> Nobody has all the hardware with them to test
> things which is why
> > 
> > That is true that nobody has all the hardware with
> them to test
> > things, but it is quite surprising that Red Hat
> does not test on
> > motherboards produced by one of the world's
> largest motherboard
> > manufacturers, as it is the case of Gigabyte --
> the producer of my
> > motherboard. I believe that there are millions of
> computers having the
> > same motherboard than mine.
> I think you should be just a tad bit careful with
> your wording.  One has to
> remember that "The Fedora Project is a collection of
> projects sponsored by
> Red Hat...developed as a partnership between the
> open source community and
> Red Hat engineers".  So, it is a bit unfair to
> assume that Red Hat is
> responsible for all the testing.  We, the community,
> are also responsible
> for testing.
> So, let's not sit around pointing fingers.  Let's
> report problems and work
> together to have them resolved.  Let us also be
> thankful that we don't have
> to spend $$ (I think it was last quoted at $90) per
> incident report to some
> OS vendors.  :-)
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